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performance upgra

A Safe Haven for Your BMW

Specializing in the M3 platform, we understand their unique needs and care for each car as if it were our own. There is no “M-Tax” here.

General Service

Mporium's expertise handles all BMW maintenance and services efficiently and swiftly but when it comes to ///M service, our experience is what sets us apart from the average service center.


Mporium performs most diagnostics and programming with the same officially licensed BMW ISTA software that franchise dealerships use.

To exceed dealership capabilities

We are also equipped with the full suite of factory level BMW software for custom coding, programming, and used module repurposing, plus third party diagnostics software from AutoLogic and SNAP-ON to quickly get to the root of the issue. Between these resources and the network of other experts that we contract with, we can provide services that far exceed the capabilities of dealerships and other independent shops. It's the benefit of being a specialist. This is not only great for staying within your budget, but also when it comes to special projects not supported by other service centers.

Equipped to handle almost any custom project with attention to detail not found at other shops.

-TIG welding- Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel
-Thread repair and light machine work
-Custom mandrel bent stainless and titanium exhausts
-Bushing, ball joint, and bearing installations
-Weld-in chassis reinforcements and suspension enhancements
-Composites Repair and Installation
-Cerakote, Ceramic, Thermal, Piston + Skirt coatings
-Engine conversions/swaps
-Coilover installation, weight scales & corner balancing
-Big brake kit installations- AP Racing, Stoptech, Brembo...

We are more than a service shop and take pride in our diverse abilities

Mporium doesn't stop at small jobs. We crave the opportunity to create the bespoke. We have completed minor to full restorations. We love engine conversions. We employ many OEM type practices to produce the highest quality finished product. Our preferred disciplines achieve an OEM PLUS type feel to every project. If we don't have what we need to finish the task properly, we source it. No zip ties and wood screws here!