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Mporium BMW's number one job request from in-the-know M3 owners is rod bearing service. We are an official high volume dealer for BE bearing products which are now the gold standard for these engines. Having performed almost more of these jobs than we can count, with clients traveling in from all over the southwest, Mporium is the undisputed leader for this service in Texas, receiving recognition as the expert on both online enthusiast forums and local ///M clubs alike.

Mporium is a detail-oriented facility that takes pride in tending to the little things that other shops neglect in order to turn higher profits. We are the true enthusiasts auto shop.

Rod Bearing Issue

BMW has long suffered a reputation for engine bearing premature wear and failure in their Motorsports line of M3 and M5 engines (S54, S65, S85). Long suspected but only validated in 2019 when BMW finally published rod bearing clearance specifications, Experts have agreed that BMW has been building these engines with a bearing clearance significantly less than the performance engine industry recommends, which is compounded by another issue known as "tolerance stacking" which can potentially reduce the effective bearing clearance to well below acceptable dimensions.

As a result we see these engines wearing through their bearings prematurely. If the tolerance stack was unfavorable we've seen catastrophic engine failures at mileages as low as 13,000 miles. This is why it's not as much an issue of maintenance history as it is an assembly issue from the factory, and is why all S65 and S85 owners should tend to their bearings if they have not already.

Oil analyses are sometimes helpful in catching premature wear in some 2010 or older engines before a catastrophic failure occurs, but there is really no way to identify imminent danger without disassembly. Furthermore- in our experience maintenance history, usage style, or even how your engine sounds are not likely indicators of their condition.


Ever since the early 2000's when BMW enthusiasts started to observe M3 engines failing at an alarming rate, several companies have since engineered replacement bearing sets that address the apparent inadequate bearing clearances that these particular engines suffer from.

Mporium BMW is an official partner with BE Bearings, who has developed a uniquely engineered product line intended to solve the deficiencies in the market for these engines. BE has made their research available for evaluation, allowing consumers and engine builders alike to be educated on the issue and remedy. We believe BE to be the best solution because their dimensions and final bearing clearance result in the closest to what the industry believes is ideal for performance engines.

In addition, their copper/lead makeup allows for logging wear trends via oil analyses. Manufactured by industry leader Clevite with their Tri-Armor coating, you cannot go wrong with these in your engine.

Call us and let Mporium BMW service your rod bearings and help your engine live the longest life possible!


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  • Extremely happy with the work Coulter did on my M3. Rod bearing job was done right, fast, and at a very reasonable price. They even cleaned my oil pan and belly pan before re-installation - little things that only an enthusiast/owner would do! Photo documentation of the entire process was also superb. Its hard to find a shop that knows these cars like the back of their hand and Mporium team is extremely knowledgeable. And they fix things the right way - no shortcuts taken. Very highly recommended ///M-shop in DFW area.
    A. Kustov
    Dallas, Tx.
  • My trip to Mporium BMW, amazing work and even took the time to explain to me how the whole rod bearing thing works and why. I'm sure if you PM Coulter for pricing, he'll get you sorted. I'm mechanically inclined but this is next level. If anyone is on the fence, get off and have this done. Turnaround time was a day and we made a birthday/father's day trip out of the experience.
    G. Fuchs
    Dallas, Tx.
  • I drove my 2011 E92 M3 all the way up to Mporium BMW from Austin to have them replace my rod bearings because I have heard nothing but good things about their work. I was not disappointed. Coulter and Mike were friendly, honest and accommodating. Their work and documentation were top-notch. They even took time to answer a bunch of questions I had about the car that no one local seemed to be able to answer. If you need work done on your BMW, don't hesitate to use these guys.
    G. Fisher
    Austin, Tx.
  • Great customer service and quality work. I have been in the auto service business for 25 years and would not go anywhere else for BMW service. Coulter and Mike know their stuff and make sure to keep your BMW in top condition. Thanks for taking care of the 650iC. Cheers!
    R. Mays
    Frisco, Tx.
  • Extremely knowledgeable shop. Great people. Service was top notch for regular and warranty work. This is my go to place for BMW service and parts. I purchased their BMW M3 undertray as well as wheels. Keep up the great work.
    R. Tsan
    Dallas, Tx.
  • Mporium BMW rebuilt my BMW M3 Engine from the block up and performed an exceptional job. The workmanship, care, and quality of the rebuild was beyond my expectations. There was no hesitation to perform necessary upgrades and improvements during the rebuild process. Working with Coulter throughout the project was flawless. I would not take my future vehicles any where else. 
    A. Page
    Rockwall, Tx.

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