• Specialists for the Specialized BMW

    Mporium BMW is a specialist shop that caters to the needs of the BMW model line and particularly the Motorsport products such as the M3 and M5. Unlike the generic "Euro Shop" which will work on a variety of brands but master none, Mporium has chosen to follow its passion and focus its efforts on the BMW platform which allows the shop to truly understand every aspect of their service and modification, enabling us to skillfully advise customers and provide the absolute best possible care for their beloved BMW.

  • Dedicated Staff

    Mporium BMW was founded on ethical skilled labor of technicians dedicated to the BMW Motorsports history and evolution.

    Coulter Dean founded Mporium as an extension of his passion for custom BMW projects using the BMW parts bin for an OEM "plus" feel. Since his early teen years he has immersed himself in many technical aspects of auto repair and customization. With an entrepreneurial background and fully rounded automotive and mechanical skill set, he brings the much needed attention to detail to ///M car owners who are looking for someone to work on their car as they would if they were able to do so themselves. Coulter is also an avid contributing member on many BMW forums posting under the screen name Deansbimmer, and is an official sponsor onM3POST. 

    Mike Holtmeier is an accredited BMW Master Technician with years of factory training and franchise dealership experience. Mike has immersed himself in all aspects of BMW repair and custom tuning, and is skilled in all areas of BMW repair.  With a past background as a shop foreman in heavy duty diesel which necessitates that jobs be done correctly the first time, he brings to BMW owners that same quality of work that is much needed in today's auto industry. Mike is also an avid contributor on many social media venues and is always ready to help others while sharing his knowledge.

  • Not your average...

    Mporium BMW is a fully equipped shop with an impressive assortment of standard and specialized tooling and machinery required to provide almost any conceivable service or modification for your M3, from tune-ups to full restorations and engine swaps. Mporium believes in providing "outside the box" solutions not available or offered by dealers or other independents.  Are you looking for a reliable BMW facility but don't own an ///M model?  Don't worry! Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.